The award-winning PLASMA group, led by Professors Emery Berger, Yuriy Brun, and Hui Guan, does cool stuff that matters. We work on a variety of exciting topics that span programming languages, software engineering, and systems.
PhD students
Juan Altmayer Pizzorno
Bobby Powers
Sam Stern
Nicolas van Kempen
Justin Aquadro (MS, MachineMetrics)
Dan Barowy (PhD, Asst. Prof., Williams College)
Charlie Curtsinger (PhD, Assoc. Prof., Grinnell College)
Breanna Devore-McDonald (MS, Inteon / Intel)
Yi (Eric) Feng (MS,, ex-Google)
Matthew Hertz (PhD, Univ. of Buffalo)
Abhinav Jangda (PhD, Microsoft Research)
Divya Krishnan (MS, Cisco Systems)
Tongping Liu (PhD, Asst. Professor, UMass ECE)
Vitaliy Lvin (MS, Boston Dynamics)
Gene Novark (PhD, PDT Partners)
Ted Smith (MS, Bloomberg LP)
John Vilk (PhD, Stripe)
Ting Yang (PhD, Meta)
selected software projects: full list here

AutoMan: DSL for programming with people
BLeak: Debugs memory leaks in web apps
BrowserFS: In-browser mountable filesystem
Browsix: Unix in your browser tab
CSrankings: Ranking world's CS departments
Coz: A causal profiler
DieHard(er): Error-resistant / secure malloc
Doppio: POSIX layer and JVM in pure JavaScript
ExceLint: Finds errors in spreadsheets
Heap Layers: Allocator infrastructure
Hoard: Fast, scalable malloc for multicore
Scalene: CPU+GPU+memory Python profiler
SlipCover: Near zero-overhead coverage analysis for Python
Tea: Automated statistical analysis

selected talks

a selection of award-winning papers

[OOPSLA 2019]
PlanAlyzer: Assessing Threats to the Validity of Online Experiments (CACM Research Highlight)
[PLDI 2018]
BLeak: Automatically Debugging Memory Leaks in Web Applications (CACM Research Highlight)
[ESEC/FSE 2017]
Fairness Testing: Testing Software for Discrimination (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award)
[ICSA 2017]
Continuous Analysis of Collaborative Design (pdf, Best Paper Award)
[SOSP 2015]
Coz: Finding Code that Counts with Causal Profiling (pdf, Best Paper Award, CACM Research Highlight)
[OOPSLA 2014]
SurveyMan: Programming and Automatically Debugging Surveys (Best Paper Award) (pdf)
[PLDI 2014]
Doppio: Breaking the Browser Language Barrier see (Distinguished Artifact Award)
[OOPSLA 2012]
AutoMan: A Platform for Integrating Human and Digital Computation (CACM Research Highlight) see
[FAST 2007]
TFS: a transparent file system for contributory storage (Best Paper Award)
[PLDI 2007]
Exterminator: automatically correcting memory errors with high probability (CACM Research Highlight)
[PLDI 2006]
DieHard: probabilistic memory safety for unsafe languages (PLDI Most Influential Paper Award)
[OOPSLA 2002]
Reconsidering custom memory allocation (OOPSLA Most Influential Paper Award)
Hoard: a scalable memory allocator for multithreaded applicationssee (ASPLOS Most Influential Paper Award)