Date Notes
Tuesday, Sep 6 Out: HW1. Lecture Notes.
Wednesday, Sep 7 Lab: Scala technical support. No need to attend if you’ve setup Scala already.
Thursday, Sep 8 Lecture Notes.
Tuesday, Sep 13 Due: HW1. Out: HW2. Lecture Notes.
Wednesday, Sep 14 Lab: Sketch of Steps 1 and 2 of HW2.
Thursday, Sep 15 Lecture Notes.
Tuesday, Sep 20 Due: HW2. Out: HW3. Lecture Notes.
Wednesday, Sep 21 Lab: Sketch of Steps 1 and 4 of HW3.
Thursday, Sep 22 Lecture Notes.
Tuesday, Sep 27 Due: HW3. Out: HW4. Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Sep 28 Lab:
Thursday, Sep 29 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Oct 4 Due: HW4. Out: HW5. Lecture Notes.
Wednesday, Oct 5 Lab:
Thursday, Oct 6 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Oct 11 No class. (Monday schedule.)
Wednesday, Oct 12 No lab. (Continue working on Tic Tac Toe.)
Thursday, Oct 13 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Oct 18 Due: HW5. Out: HW6. Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Oct 19 Lab:
Thursday, Oct 20 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Oct 25 Due: HW6. Out: HW7. Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Oct 26 Lab:
Thursday, Oct 27 Class cancelled. Friday office hours cancelled.
Tuesday, Nov 1 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Nov 2 No lab. (Continue working on Sudoku.)
Thursday, Nov 3 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Nov 8 Due: HW7. Out: HW8. Lecture Notes.
Wednesday, Nov 9 Lab:
Thursday, Nov 10 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Nov 15 Due: HW8. Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Nov 16 No lab. (Friday schedule.)
Thursday, Nov 17 Reading: Parser Combinators.
Tuesday, Nov 22 No class. (Thanksgiving Recess.)
Wednesday, Nov 23 No lab. (Thanksgiving Recess.)
Thursday, Nov 24 No class. (Thanksgiving Recess.)
Tuesday, Nov 29 Out: HW9.
Wednesday, Nov 30 Lab:
Thursday, Dec 1  
Tuesday, Dec 6 Due: HW9. Out: HW10.
Wednesday, Dec 7 Lab:
Thursday, Dec 8  
Tuesday, Dec 13 Due: HW10.
Wednesday, Dec 14 No lab. (No assignment due.)